Departure solutions

Departure solutions in Uganda. When the time comes to leave Uganda many arrangements that were made upon arrival will now need to be reversed. You will want to move your personal effects, need to cancel your work permit, deregister with Ugandan Revenue Authority, and close bank accounts. Expat Assist can help you take care of all these things.

Departure solutions in Uganda.

We will support our clients with the following aspects of the move:

 Selection of a reliable company; including getting and comparing quotes and contracting.Pre- departure preparation; including paperwork and insurance.

On-site assistance in packing on the moving day.

 Guidance on organization of shipping.

 Coordination with the local moving firm or freight forwarding company, to ensure smooth transit out of Uganda.

Door-to-door tracking and tracing of the shipment, providing timely updates on the status of the shipments and informing the client pro-actively in case of any unexpected delays.

 Pet Travel Services

Expat Assist can help you with all the arrangements needed to take your pet with you when leaving Uganda.
We will provide information about the requirements for the move and assist in organising all necessary pre-arrangements, like pre-departure health checks, certification and veterinary documentation for Departure solutions in Uganda.

House Contract Closure

We will put it into writing to ensure that the deposit will be returned when the repairs are done.

In short, the services we could assist with are:

Termination of contract: Review and advise on lease termination obligations, update the client on the process and cost implications, serve notice to the landlord, liaise with the tenant and landlord and provide expatriate with processes for the closing down of utilities.

Coordination of 3rd Party Services: Assist with the booking of third party services to minimize damage costs, such as painters, gardeners, carpenters, and the like.

Check Out Inspection: Arrange the check-out, prepare the checkout report, arrange professional cleaning, if required, take the final meter readings and compare the check in and check-out reports to maximize return of the deposit for Departure solutions in Ugand.

Negotiation of Disrepairs & Deposit Return: Negotiate the best possible solution to any damage claim made by the landlord and arrange the return of the deposit, as well as any overpaid rent if applicable.

Disconnection of Utilities: Contact utility providers to close the account, and negotiate the best possible solution to any contract terminations (i.e. minimizing cancellation charges)
Ultimately, our aim is to help our clients leave without worries.

Immigration and Legal Documentation

It is not wise to leave Uganda with loose ends, and therefore it vital for any employer to cancel the work permit upon departure and retrieve the deposit.
Besides that, Expat Assist can also help with closing bank accounts, claim funds from National Social Security Fund (NSSF), get a Clearance Statement from Interpol and process a URA tax clearance certificate. f

Departure solutions in uganda
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