Arrivals in Uganda

Arrivals solutions in Uganda; Good preparation is key to any international relocation. We will ensure your arrival is as stress free as possible so you are not faced with issues such as their driver not knowing where to find their accommodation, being sent from one office to another and queuing up to arrange practical things, and spending unnecessary time and money during the first weeks or months after arrival. For these, and many other reasons, Expat Assist offers arrival and settling-in solutions, to ensure that your new life in Uganda will be well-organised from start to finish.

Pre-visit Arrangements.

If one does not know yet what to expect of Uganda, or still needs to decide on whether to move to Uganda, we recommend our pre-visit trip assistance package of arrivals solutions in Uganda.
Our pre-visit trip assistance will be tailor-made based on the outcome of a questionnaire and a short introduction talk. The questionnaire will cover all relevant topics that expats face when moving to Uganda.
During the pre-visit, we will provide information on housing and schooling options, key amenities, shopping, recreation, health, medical and banking facilities, public transport system, car hire or purchase, work permit and dependents passes, typical living conditions and any special security concerns.

Airport Arrival Services

Upon arrival in Uganda at Entebbe International Airport, we can arrange a personalised pick-up. With our pick-up service a representative from Expat Assist be waiting for our clients at the airport with a private driver.
Entebbe International Airport is currently the only international airport in Uganda. The airport is 45kms from Kampala, although the journey time depends on how heavy traffic is. There are a number of international airlines that offer flights to and from Entebbe, including Brussels Airlines, Egypt Air, Emirates, Ethiopian Airlines, Etihad Airways, Kenya Airways, Qatar, KLM, South African Airlines, Fly Dubai, Rwanda Air and Turkish Airlines.
Expat Assist can arrange different types of pick up services, as detailed below in arrivals solutions in Uganda:
• Pick up from the airside
• Pick up at the exit

Telephone & Internet Service Set-up

We understand that probably one of the first things one wants upon arrival is internet access and a phone. Prior to arrival in Uganda, we will provide our clients with a selection of mobile and internet providers to choose from.
Once a choice is made, we will have a temporary SIM card, with airtime loaded, and internet connection with the preferred provider ready upon arrivals solutions in Uganda.

Arrangement of Temporary Transport.

Transportation is an important consideration for anyone moving to Uganda. Public transport is limited, and upon arrival moving from one place to another in Uganda is often done by hiring taxis, or ‘special hires’ as they are called in Uganda.
Nowadays Uber is available in Uganda and is considered practical at the beginning. However, it does not provide complete freedom like having a car at one’s disposal does. Moreover, in case one has small children, it is hard to move around with Uber taking into consideration the safety of the child’s car seat and other items that one needs to move with.
Kampala traffic can be challenging to navigate and Uganda drives on the left side of the road. Some expats prefer to have a temporary car for the beginning and see how they like driving in their new city or to have time to decide on the type of vehicle they want before buying one.
Expat Assist offers temporary car rental, or can arrange a car with full time driver so one can get a feel for driving in Uganda.

  • Booking of Hotel & Temporary Accommodation
  • Country & Social Orientation, Accompanied Orientation Day, Continuous Country Orientation
  • Education Assistance
  • School Introductions, School Visits, Registration Assistance
  • Move of Personal Effects & Pets
  • Pet Travel Services
  • House Settling-In Support
arrivals solutions in Uganda
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