Business registration services

Expat Assist supports local Ugandan investment through company formation and NGO registration.

Do you want to open a business, company or an organization today?

Expat Assist supports companies and NGO’s that want to set up their organization in Uganda. Therefore, we offer to arrange all logistical services required for the business to kick off, such as company compliance procedures, finance and insurance, business facilities and accommodation.

We offer business services, which include advise on and handling of company registration, NGO registration and sorting many related topics to get you up and running fast, while meeting all legal and financial requirements. We believe that Uganda has to offer a life’s-worth of experiences, and therefore our aim is to make your stay in this amazing country as easy as possible.

Our services include.

Details of services.

Organizational compliance procedure: Expat Assist liaises with all the necessary
authorities on your behalf and assists in obtaining:

  • Registration of the entity in Uganda.
  • Tax Registration and Clearance.
  • Company Investment License.
  • Letter of no objection to trade.
  • Securing of the Trade License.
  • NGO Clearance.
  • Registration with National Social Security Fund.
  • Opening of a company bank account.


Relevant Government Bodies Under Business Registration

  • Uganda Registration Services Bureau.
  • Uganda Revenue Authority.
  • Company formation (Uganda Investment Authority).
  • NGO Board.
  • Ministry of Trade and Industry Cooperatives.
  • Kampala City Council Authority.
  • Ministry of Internal Affairs.
  • Company formation
Company formation
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